Medic52 is the app for ski patrollers to effectively collect incident data on the scene.



Information & Collaboration

Keep your team informed and connected with the Medic52 Team mobile app.

A patroller’s on the hill and needs to contact a fellow patroller, but it’s not necessarily urgent and doesn’t need to be on the radio. An app on his phone lets him easily look him up and text, call, or send an email.

A patroller is asked by a guest about the status of a trail on the other side of the mountain. She thinks she knows that the trail is open but the guest says it’s his favorite run. An app on her phone lets her check for sure and give the guest the best possible experience.

Another patroller is having a bit of downtime. Rather than wasting time on social media, he’s about to study up on mountain logistics. This too is in an app on his phone.

This are just a few examples of how Medic52 Team can make a patrol more informed and collaborative resulting in changes that result in both better patient outcomes and guest satisfaction. .


  • Information is available on-the-job, on-the-hill
  • The patrol schedule is easily accessible
  • Guests are informed with current, consistent information by patrollers
  • Patrollers can easily contact each other at any time enabling better communications and collaboration
  • Policies, procedures, and protocols are more consistently followed through always being available
  • Downtime to can more effectively leveraged through self-study
  • Exact locations on the mountain can be pinpoint marked






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