Direct API-Database Coupling vs. Multi-Layered Architectures

API-database coupling vs. traditional multi-layered architectures: what’s the difference and why does it matter? The main difference between direct API-database coupling and multi-layered architectures is that the former allows the API to interact directly with the database, minimizing latency and complexity, while the latter uses multiple layers to separate concerns. In this article we’ll examine …


by Spencer Nguyen • May 8, 2024

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

How to Get Data Out of ERP Systems with APIs

by Spencer Nguyen • May 6, 2024

No Code

How No-Code API Tools Automatically Generate APIs

by Spencer Nguyen • May 6, 2024


DreamFactory: Now a Snowflake Select Partner!

by Terence Bennett • May 2, 2024

API Development

7 Must-Know Factors in API Development

by Spencer Nguyen • April 30, 2024

API Development

How To Estimate API Development Time

by Spencer Nguyen • April 30, 2024


Understanding Data Archiving: Importance and Fundamentals

by Spencer Nguyen • April 25, 2024

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