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The 7 Biggest Software Tool Turnoffs: Find Out What Developers Hate Most About Your Tool

What are the most cringeworthy things about your software tools? To find out what customers hate the most, we surveyed 350+ developers and data science professionals to better understand the pain points of the tools they use.  Specifically, we looked at what is their biggest software tool turnoff? Then, we aggregated that information by which …


by Tony Harris • April 7, 2021

API Documentation

Naming API Endpoints

by Tony Harris • April 6, 2021


Microservices and Master Data Management

by Tony Harris • April 5, 2021

Digital Transformation

How To Structure a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

by Tony Harris • April 5, 2021


Types of APIs & Popular REST API Protocol

by Tony Harris • March 24, 2021


How APIs Can Support Enterprise IT Transformation

by Tony Harris • March 24, 2021


6 Examples of APIs We Use in Our Everyday Lives

by Tony Harris • March 23, 2021

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