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Types of APIs & Popular REST API Protocol

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are everywhere, and with good reason. These bits of software join apps and microservices together despite different programming languages, operating systems, and data formats. An API can integrate services that otherwise can’t communicate with each other. They lay the groundwork for the most successful digital transformation strategies and composable enterprises. In …


by Tony Harris • December 1, 2022

Digital Transformation

5 Low-Risk Digital Transformation Strategies

by Jeremy H • November 29, 2022

Industry 4.0

Join the Industry 4.0 Trend

by Spencer Nguyen • November 28, 2022


What Are Containerized Microservices?

by Jeremy H • November 22, 2022


Asynchronous APIs: What Are the Benefits and Use Cases

by Spencer Nguyen • November 22, 2022


OData vs REST: What You Need to Know

by Tony Harris • November 21, 2022

Legacy System

Problems with Legacy Systems

by Tony Harris • November 17, 2022

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